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Important: This API is currently in pre-release status and is only available to approved early access participants. The API is under development and might change before being generally released. To become an early access participant, contact your SAP Concur Representative.

Getting Started - Company API - User API

The user API is used to help provision and manage user accounts and profile details across multiple Concur products, including Expense, Invoice, Request, Travel and TripIt.




Access to this documentation does not provide access to the API. 

Scope Usage

Name Description Endpoint Read profile information. GET
user.write Read and update profile information. GET, POST

Schema Definition

The User schema is inspired by the work from System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM), in particular:

The latest version of the User schema is always available at: user.json.

Get User

Profile supports user information retrieval with access tokens. And the access token will limit the user account, as well as the user attributes, that you can query for. You can use the following endpoint to lookup your user:

GET /profile/v1/me
(access token required)

Curl example:

curl -k -v -H "Authorization: Bearer $access-token" "https://$host/profile/v1/me"

The above calls will retrieve general user profile information. User resource also supports a schema parameter to limit or expand the data returned. To limit the amount of data returned, you can use ?schema=compact. To also retrieve expense related data, you can use ?schema=expense. You can also provide comma delimited schema list for the parameter, such as ?schema=compact,expense.

User details

Here is a sample user response, without compact, but with expense schema.

  "active": true,
  "id": "1c1e5ec5-1abc-4edd-a92a-bc551d0dfcd7",
  "userType": "Enterprise",
  "meta": {
    "created": "2017-03-30T00:00:00.000",
    "lastModified": "2017-07-03T17:46:00.000",
    "principalType": "user",
    "resourceType": "EnterpriseUser"
  "preferredLanguage": "en",
  "dateOfBirth": "1990-01-01",
  "schemas": [
  "gender": "Male",
  "emails": [
      "value": "",
      "type": "Business",
      "notifications": true,
      "verified": false
      "value": "",
      "type": "Personal",
      "notifications": true,
      "verified": false
  "com:concur:Documents:1.0": {
    "passport": [
        "number": "12345678",
        "issuingCountry": "US",
        "placeIssued": "Bellevue",
        "dateIssued": "2017-06-02",
        "expiration": "2023-06-30"
    "visa": [
        "number": "987654321",
        "issuedByCountry": "AF",
        "placeIssued": null,
        "issuedForCountry": null,
        "dateIssued": null,
        "expiration": "2021-06-03"
  "addresses": [
      "type": "Home",
      "streetAddress": "profile-58dd7cd7 home address",
      "locality": "Redmond",
      "region": "WA",
      "postalCode": "98052",
      "country": "US"
      "type": "Work",
      "streetAddress": "profile-58dd7cd7 office",
      "locality": "bellevue",
      "region": "WA",
      "postalCode": "98004",
      "country": "US"
  "com:concur:Employee:1.0": {
    "companyUUID": "d63d3d33-9255-41f4-8a1c-dabd6ab08578",
    "companyInternalId": 277471,
    "employeeId": "",
    "jobTitle": "",
    "managerId": "ae3204d3-a94f-47ad-94ef-8234ac40e560",
    "orgUnitId": 80265
  "com:concur:TravelPreferences:1.0": {
    "air": {
      "seat": {
        "interrowPosition": "Aisle",
        "sectionPosition": "Forward"
      "homeAirport": "SEA",
      "meal": "BLML"
    "rail": {
      "space": "DontCare",
      "meal": "DontCare",
      "bedCategory": "DontCare",
      "fareSpaceComfort": "DontCare",
      "deck": "DontCare",
      "coach": "DontCare",
      "bed": "DontCare",
      "berth": "DontCare",
      "noiseComfort": "DontCare",
      "contingency": "DontCare",
      "seat": "DontCare"
    "car": {
      "smoking": "NonSmoking",
      "carType": "Mini",
      "transmission": "Automatic",
      "gpsEnabled": false,
      "skirack": false
    "hotel": {
      "earlyCheckin": true,
      "remark": null,
      "pool": true,
      "roomService": true,
      "foamPillows": true,
      "accessForBlind": true,
      "accessForWheelchair": true,
      "gym": true,
      "roomType": "King",
      "restaurant": true,
      "rollawayBed": true,
      "smoking": "NonSmoking",
      "crib": true
  "com:concur:Programs:1.0": {
    "rail": [
        "default": false,
        "pointsNext": null,
        "expiration": null,
        "nextStatus": null,
        "points": null,
        "segments": null,
        "parentChainVendorName": null,
        "vendorName": "AccesRail",
        "account": "123454321",
        "statusBenefits": null,
        "status": null,
        "segmentsNext": null,
        "parentChainVendorCode": null,
        "vendorCode": "9B"
    "air": [],
    "hotel": [],
    "car": []
  "com:concur:Expense:0.2": {
    "middleInitial": "T",
    "middleName": "Test",
    "loginId": "",
    "ledger": "DEFAULT",
    "countrySubdivision": null,
    "driverId": null,
    "cuuid": "8002699190004701412",
    "cashAdvanceAccountCode": null,
    "emailAddress": "",
    "employeeId": "",
    "firstName": "Concur",
    "reimbursementType": "APCHECK",
    "reimbursementCurrency": "USD",
    "active": true,
    "lastName": "User",
    "uuId": "1c1e5ec5-1abc-4edd-a92a-bc551d0dfcd7",
    "orgUnitData": [
        "orgUnitName": "Expense Policy Group",
        "orgUnitValue": null
    "customData": [
        "customFieldName": "Invoice Policy Group",
        "customFieldValue": null
        "customFieldName": "Employee Administration Country",
        "customFieldValue": "United States"
    "localeCode": "en_US",
    "countryCode": "US"

HTTP Status Codes

HTTP Status Status Description/Error Code
200 Success Resource retrieved or updated
201 Success Resource created
204 Success Operation exectuted successfully, with no content returned
301 Moved Permanently Resource is at a different location
400 Bad Request -
401 Unauthorized -
403 Forbidden -
404 Resource not found -
429 Rate limit reached -
500 Internal Error -
503 Service Unavailable -

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