Delete Notification Requests



Request Parameters

notificationID: The unique identifier for the notification. Required.


URI Source: The URI is returned in the NotificationUrl element of the Response for the Get Notifications by Status function.


Authorization Header

Authorization header with OAuth token for valid SAP Concur user. Required.

The OAuth consumer must have one of the following user roles in the SAP Concur platform: Company Administrator or Web Services Administrator for Professional, or Can Administer for Standard.

Accept Header

  • application/xml
  • application/json

XML Example Request

Authorization: OAuth {access token}


Content Types

  • application/xml
  • application/json


The response returns an HTTP Status Code as follows:

HTTP Code Description
200 Success Notification successfully deleted.
400 Bad Request The request is malformed. Check the API document and verify the request uses the correct format.
403 Forbidden The OAuth Consumer doesn’t have a required role. Check the API documentation to learn the required roles.

Example of Successful Response

HTTPS 200 Success

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