Company Level Authentication

Company is a top-level principal within the SAP Concur platform and you would be able to obtain an access token and a refresh token on a Company’s behalf just like you would be able to with a User. Only one authorization flow is currently available for obtaining tokens for a Company, which is the Password grant using a temporary auth token received from the App Center.

Client Web Services clients can use the Company Request Token Tool to generate a Company Request Token and the OAuth 2.0 Application Management Tool to generate Client IDs (App IDs) and Client Secrets without contacting SAP Concur support.

Obtaining an auth token

To begin the authentication flow for a company, one must first obtain a temporary auth token through AppCenter’s interface. AppCenter will request for a temporary auth token and hand it off to the partner, who will then in turn use Password grant to exchange the temporary auth token for a full access token and refresh token for the company.

Auth tokens are valid only for 24 hours. Partners have 24 hours to exchange the auth token for a refresh and access token, and can use this auth token multiple times within the 24 hours in case of network failure.

This auth flow diagram describes this handshake:

Company Authentication Flow Sequence Diagram

Company Authentication Flow Sequence Diagram

AppCenter will call this endpoint to obtain an authToken.

POST /profile-service/v1/keys/principals/<companyId>/authtoken/

Sample Curl:

curl -E appcenter.p12:. -H 'concur-correlationid: githubwiki' -XPOST
200 OK
  "status": "PASS",
  "code": 0,
  "errormsg": "",
  "token": "<authToken>"

AppCenter redirects User to Client’s auth handler URI (Connect URL) and passing in the authToken

301 Redirect$company_uuid&requestToken=$request_token&userID=$user_uuid

At this point, the user should be prompted to sign in to your application. If the user doesn’t not have account, the user should have the ability to create one. For applications that have user read scope, the User UUID can be used to pre-populate the account creation forms. Please see the App Center User Experience guidelines for more information.

Client app calls Oauth2 password grant to get an access token for the company

Name Type Format Description
client_id string UIID Applications client_id supplied by App Management
client_secret string UUID Applications client_secret supplied by App Management
grant_type string - Specify which grant type you expect the oauth2 service to process. For password grant, the value is password
username string - specify the companyId to be used in the password grant request. The id above.
password string - specify the authToken to be used in the password grant request. The requestToken above.
credtype string - The credtype signifies to oauth2 which credential set is being submitted in the request. The value: authtoken.



POST /oauth2/v0/token HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Connection: close
Content-Length: 175




HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
Date: date-requested
Content-Length: 3397
Connection: Close
  "expires_in": "3600",
  "scope": "app_scopes",
  "token_type": "Bearer",
  "access_token": "access_token",
  "refresh_token": "refresh_token",


  "error": "invalid_grant",
  "error_description": "Incorrect Credentials. Please Retry",
  "code": 5

Response Codes

HTTP Status Code returned by oauth2
HTTP Status Code Description
200 OK - Successful call, response is in body.
400 Bad Request (error, error_description, code)
401 Unauthorized (error, error_description, code)
403 Forbidden (error, error_description, code)
404 Not Found (error, error_description, code)
500 Server Error, error message is in body.
503 Server Timed Out, error message is in body.

4xx class errors have a JSON response with the following fields

  "code": "<number>",
  "error": "<error>",
  "error_description": "<error_description>"
Code Error Description
5 invalid_grant Incorrect credentials. Please Retry
10 invalid_grant Account is disabled. Please contact support
11 invalid_grant Account is disabled. Please contact support
12 invalid_grant Logon Denied. Please contact support
13 invalid_grant Logon Denied. Please contact support
14 invalid_grant Account Locked. Please contact support
16 invalid_request user lives elsewhere
19 invalid_grant Incorrect credentials. Please Retry
20 invalid_grant Logon Denied. Please contact support (typically due to IP restriction)
51 invalid_request username was not supplied
52 invalid_request password was not supplied
53 invalid_client company is not enabled for this client
54 invalid_scope requested scope exceeds granted scope
55 invalid_request we don’t know this email
56 invalid_request otp was not supplied
57 invalid_request channel_type missing
58 invalid_request channel_handle missing
59 access_denied client disabled
60 invalid_grant these are not the grants you are looking for
61 invalid_client client not found
62 invalid_request client_id was not supplied
63 invalid_request client_secret was not supplied
64 invalid_client Incorrect credentials. Please Retry
65 invalid_request grant_type was not supplied
80 invalid_request invalid channel type
81 invalid_request bad channel handle
83 invalid_request otp not found
84 invalid_request fact verification failed
85 invalid_request otp verification failed
100 invalid_request backend does not know about this username
101 invalid_request code was not supplied
102 invalid_request redirect_uri was not supplied
103 invalid_request code is bad or expired
104 invalid_grant redirect_uri does not match the previous grant
105 invalid_grant this grant was not issued to you!
106 invalid_request refresh_token was not supplied
107 invalid_request refresh disallowed for app
108 invalid_grant bad or expired refresh token
109 invalid_request loginid was not supplied
115 invalid_request unauthenticated client will not be issued token!
117 invalid_request nonce is mandatory for this response_type
118 invalid_request display is invalid
119 invalid_request prompt is invalid
119 invalid_request prompt must be set to consent for offline_access
120 invalid_request credtype is invalid
121 invalid_request login_type is invalid
122 invalid_request proxies supplied are invalid
123 invalid_request principal is disabled
134 invalid_request Company undergoing scheduled maintenance.

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