Travel Receipts - Getting Started

Important: This API is currently in pre-release status and is only available to approved early access participants. The API is under development and might change before being generally released. To become an early access participant, contact your SAP Concur Representative.

The Travel Receipts service exposes receipt requests to inform E-Receipt partners which E-Receipts to send to SAP Concur and for which user. A partner can call the API and receive paged responses of receipt requests (a maximum of 25 receipt requests per page). When the next field is empty/null, the partner has reached the last page of receipt requests.

If the partner supplies a timestamp as a parameter, it is used as the start time for results. If not, the API retrieves the results from the last 24 hours.




Access to this documentation does not provide access to the API. 

Regional Availability




Partners must obtain an access token from the Authentication API.

The partner’s access_token from the Authentication API response should then be used in the Authorization header of the Travel Receipts API calls.

Note: A token needs to be fetched for each datacenter, you cannot use the same token for US and EMEA.



curl -d "client_secret={YOUR SECRET}&client_id={YOUR CLIENT ID}&grant_type=client_credentials"


http -f POST client_secret={YOUR SECRET} client_id={YOUR CLIENT ID} grant_type=client_credentials

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