Currency Admin Configuration

Important: This API is currently in pre-release status and is only available to approved early access participants. The API is under development and might change before being generally released. To become an early access participant, contact your SAP Concur Representative.

In order for users to submit expense reports based on uploaded exchange rates, the expense administrator may consider additional configurations.

As the administrator, navigate to the Currency Admin page:

Administration » Expense » Expense Admin » Currency Admin » Settings

  • Ensure Currently Loaded Exchange Rates is checked to consume exchange rates.
  • The Exchange Rate Source provides three options in which what rates are retrieved:
    • Search Local then External Sources: Custom rates are loaded first and, if not found, consume rates from an external source.
    • Use Local Exchange Rates Only: Custom rates only.
    • Use External Exchange Rates Only: Our default external exchange rate source is OANDA Live Exchange Rates.
  • Exchange rate Markup (percentage): Increase all rates returned by an additional percentage.
  • Allow Inversion of currency rate pairs: As currency rates are bidirectional, this allows retrieval of a rate in the opposite direction of an uploaded exchange rate, calculated as an inverse of the original rate.

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