Hotel v4 Supported Error Codes

Below is the list of supported OTA error codes. Please refer to official OTA code list for details.

Note: These codes were correct at the time of publication. Please check the official OTA code list to confirm accuracy.

Error Codes

Error Code Description
35 Credit card guarantee not accepted at property
69 Minimum stay criteria not fulfilled
70 Maximum stay criteria not fulfilled
86 Cannot cancel - itinerary complete
87 Booking reference invalid
91 System busy please try later
92 Booking temporarily unavailable
95 Booking already cancelled
96 Duplicated itinerary
97 Booking reference not found
98 Accommodation not found in booking
99 Booking not owned by requester
103 Cannot access - itinerary complete
117 Cannot access booking details
118 Booking status invalid
119 Accommodation cannot be changed
187 System currently unavailable
193 Cancellation process failed
241 Expiration date is invalid
242 Credit card is invalid or missing
254 Reservation date has passed
264 Reservation cannot be cancelled
314 Required data missing: country of residence
321 Required field missing
363 Invalid number of nights
365 Error - credit card
375 Hotel not active
381 Invalid check in date
382 Invalid check out date
385 Invalid confirmation or cancellation number
400 Invalid property code
409 Maximum length of stay restriction
411 Minimum length of stay restriction
424 No hotels found which match this input
427 No rooms available for requested dates
438 Requested rate not available
506 Credit card not accepted at property
540 Credit card has expired
561 Loyalty program not found
570 Cannot cancel - arrival too close - call property
623 Invalid frequent guest number
783 Room or rate not found
890 Virtual card not accepted
891 Cvv code is missing or invalid

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