Planned Changes: Quick Expense v3 API Deprecation

SAP Concur will be deprecating the Quick Expense v3 API in a future release. This API will be replaced by Quick Expense v4. Developers using Quick Expense v3 should transition to Quick Expense v4 when it is available.

Business Purpose / Client Benefit

The Quick Expense v3 API only supports the previous authentication method, and it provides access to some fields that are not necessary to expose. These issues are resolved with the new Quick Expense v4 API.

Configuration / Feature Activation

The Quick Expense v3 API will be deprecated automatically in a future release, in accordance with the SAP Concur API Lifecycle & Deprecation Policy.

Planned Changes: Quick Expense v4 API Available

SAP Concur will be releasing Quick Expense v4 for partner and client use. Quick Expense v4 includes the following improvements over Quick Expense v3:

  • Secure authentication: This API supports the current SAP Concur authentication method.
  • Multi-part messages: A developer can post both the data & receipt image in a single call rather than separate calls required by v3.
  • Supports digitization status: Quick expense v4 POST API supports the ebunsho timestamp requirement, if the client is using this functionality and has completed the required configuration in Concur Expense.
  • Global availability: Quick expense v4 POST API is supported in all SAP Concur data centers.

Quick Expense v4 removes some of the functionality available in v3:

  • ReceiptImageID attribute will no longer be exposed: This attribute may contain personally identifiable information and therefore has been removed to increase data security.
  • GET, PUT, and DELETE endpoints will no longer be exposed: These endpoints are not provided in v4 as there is no known business need.

Business Purpose / Client Benefit

This new version of the Quick Expense API supports the latest SAP Concur API authentication method, and provides several enhancements to the POST functionality.

Configuration / Feature Activation

The Quick Expense v4 API will be available in a future release.

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