Concur User Provisioning Event


This page will host the documentation for all the Concur User Provisioning related events that are publicly available on public.concur.user.provisioning topic in the Event Subscription Service (ESS). Subscribers will be able to subscribe to these events by following the steps described on the Event Subscription Service v4 page.


This event subscription is only available to partners who have been granted access by SAP Concur. Access to this documentation does not provide access to the subscription.

Scope Usage

Which scopes are required to interact with this topic.

Name Description Status of a provisioning request.


This section lists the publicly available events.

Provisioning Complete Event

The provisioning event is intended to publish a message when a provisioning request has completed. Subscribers of the event are able to leverage the data in the message to verify if the provisioning was successful or if there were errors during the provisioning attempt. Based on business needs, the error messages could be logged for investigation. For example, this could trigger an application to make other API calls to Concur services or start of a process in a third party application.


Schema for Event One

Name Type Format Description
id UUID RFC 4122 EventId, unique identifier of this event.
correlationId UUID RFC 4122 Unique identifier used for logging/traceability.
eventType string string Event type: provisionCompleted identifies the topic.
topic string string Public topic public.concur.user.provisioning that the event belongs to.
timeStamp timeStamp RFC 3339 Current system time (UTC) when the event notification is issued.
facts map Facts Schema Key-value pairs providing the content of the event.

Sample Events

    "id": "fc48f42d-724e-46e5-a35a-552d7b70996a",
    "correlationId": "1a93bd06-90ec-4b15-bbe4-8ba135d7864d",
    "eventType": "provisionCompleted",
    "topic": "public.concur.user.provisioning",
    "timeStamp": "2020-11-16T18:08:51.309Z",
    "subtopic": "fc48f42d-724e-46e5-a35a-552d7b70996a",
    "facts": {
      "originator": "com.concur.provisioning",
      "provisionId": "fc48f42d-724e-46e5-a35a-552d7b70996a",
      "provisionStatusHref": "https:/",
      "success": true
    "groups": null,
    "scopes": null,
    "data": ""

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