Document Tax Compliance Event


This page will host the documentation for the document compliance related events (Read) that are publicly available on the topic in the Event Subscription Service (ESS). Subscribers will be able to subscribe to these events by following the steps described on the Event Subscription Service v4 page.


This event subscription is only available to partners who have been granted access by SAP Concur. Access to this documentation does not provide access to the subscription.

Scope Usage

Name Description Read receipt for compliance check.


Document Tax Compliance Read Event

The document.validation.processing eventType is intended to publish when a new document has been uploaded by a SAP Concur customer and available for compliance partner to be downloaded and processed.


Schema for Event

Name Type Format Description
id UUID string EventId, unique identifier of this event.
correlationId UUID string Unique identifier used for logging/traceability.
eventType string string Supported values: document.validation.processing.
topic string string Public topic that the event belongs to.
timeStamp timeStamp string Current system time (UTC) when the event notification is issued.
facts list string Required key-value pairs providing the content of the event.
facts.documentId UUID string Unique identifier used for each compliance document.
facts.href string string Link to download compliance document.
facts.complianceCountryCode string string Compliance document country code.
facts.companyId UUID string Unique identifier for SAP Concur company.
facts.isDisplayVersionRequired Boolean string Flag to identify pdf generation.

Document Tax Compliance Read Event


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