Payment Provider Integration

Note: The scopes related to this documentation are currently limited to Early Access developers at this time. Once the Early Access phase has been completed, all developers that are interested in pursuing this integration will be given the scope in their Development app.

The Payment Provider App Category streamlines the Invoice Payment process for SAP Concur customers. The Payment Provider Partner’s certified app will obtain Invoice data from our customers’ Concur site by using the “Quick Connect” process and executing their app using Invoice APIs. To be certified, the Partner must support both Editions of Concur Invoice: Standard Edition and Professional Edition.


Quick Connect

Quick Connect Scope for Enterprise Apps

Quick Connect describes the process customers use to connect their Concur site with an App Center Partner’s Enterprise application. See the separate Quick Connect scope document for details to guide you through the development of this required piece to your certified application.

Company Profile

Profile Company API v1

Topics to complete prior to obtaining invoices

These topics should be completed prior to obtaining Invoices pending payment:

Topic 1: Update the field called, “Payment Method Type” within the Concur Invoice Vendor record

In order to pay a customer’s invoices, the Concur Invoice Vendor record must have the value of PAYPVD populated within the “Payment Method Type” field. This can be populated in 3 ways, one of which is via API. The Partner and customer need to agree who will be responsible for updating the Vendors initially and on an on-going basis. Here are the methods the Vendor (aka Supplier) record can be updated:

Option Technique Owner responsible for update
Option 1 File import-On-Demand Import via an Excel template within Concur Invoice Customer completes
Option 2 File import-Scheduled Import via a csv file Customer completes
Option 3 App integration Customer and Partner need to coordinate since Vendor master data most likely resides in their ERP

Update Vendor Payment Method field

Vendor Update API v3

Topic 2: Customer ensures the Vendor Contact Email addresses exist within the Concur Invoice Vendor record for the Vendors that the Partner will pay

Confirm that the customer adminsitrator has created a Concur Audit Rule to require the Vendor (Supplier) email address has been populated for those Vendor invoices that will be paid via this integration. The Customer can take the following steps to create the Audit Rule:

Audit Rule step 1:

  1. Navigate to the Administration menu, then Invoice, then Audit Rules.
  2. Click New
  3. Enter the information as appropriate (see below)
  4. Click Next
Name:         Vendor Supplier Contact Email
Event:        Payment Request Submit
Editable By:  This depends on the customer configuration
Applies To:   This depends on the customer configuration
Active:       Yes

Audit Rule step 2: Create Condition

Data Object:  Vendor Remittance Address
Field:        Contact Email
Operator:     Is Blank
Operator:     And
Data Object:  Request
Field:        Pay Method Type
Operator:     Equal
Value:        Payment Provider

Click Next

Audit Rule step 3:

The Exception Level can be adjusted if desired. 99 is a hard stop rule.

Click New

Exception Code:   EMAIL
Exception Level:  99
Message:          The Vendor Email Address is required for all invoices that are from Vendors that will be paid by the Partner.
Editable By:      This depends on the customer configuration

Overview Scopes and Obtaining Invoices pending payment

Overview, Scopes, an Obtaining Invoices pending payment

Discounts on invoices

Payment Request Reference and Payment Request Explorer

If the customer wants invoices paid early in order to take advantage of the Vendor’s discount terms, the customer and partner will need to work together. The customer will need to configure search queries within the administrative tool called, “Invoice Processor”. The search parameters will based on invoice due date and Payment Method Type field. The search query parameters need to include enough days to allow the customer and partner to meet the invoice terms. Once the customer administrator final-approves those invoices, the Partner will be able to obtain the invoices that are pending payment. In order to obtain the discount terms, the Partner will have to use the GET Payment Request API using the invoice ID from the GET Payments response.

Note: the customer and partner need to discuss how the customer manages the discounts within Concur Invoice. The customer may elect to adjust the invoice amount field and then add credited line items within the invoice to reflect the discount. In this case, the partner will not need to compute the discount and will just use the value in the Invoice Amount field.

Updating a payment with status

Updating a payment with status


Use the following resources to get familiar with the Concur product and then submit expense reports or invoices in your own sandbox. This will better position you to conduct end-to-end testing and be able to correlate a User’s experience to what you obtain via the APIs.

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